Dove Hunting Overview

In simple words, dove hunting in Argentina is the best in the world. But the quality of the shooting varies from province to province and region to region. While there are a number of areas with great dove hunting, northern Cordoba definitely stands out as one of the top ones in the list.. Specifically, Cordoba’s best dove hunting takes place in the vast farmlands of the east and between the rolling hills of the west.  Posta del Norte is perfectly located right in between these two areas, making for easy access to thousands of doves that roost everywhere!

Seasonal Information – Year-Round Cordoba Dove Hunting

Posta del Norte offers high-volume Argentina dove hunting year-round. As part of the Flyways family of lodges, Posta del Norte has access to over 160,000 acres of Cordoba’s best dove hunting farms and fields. The unparalleled number of shooting venues distinguishes Posta del Norte from other Cordoba dove hunting outfits and allows for great shooting throughout the changing seasons.

During Argentina’s summer months of November – March, the long days and birds translate into great shooting and plenty of sharing time between hunts, with family and friends. The dove hunting during this stretch is done mostly in the hills and surrounding farms. During the heavy harvesting months of April – June, the doves are found mostly on large Cordoba estancias in the vast farmlands.  Due to its location, Posta del Norte is very convenient for logistics between these areas. In May – August, during Cordoba’s winter months, mild, chilly temperatures and clear skies make for perfect hunting conditions. Challenging high birds make the perfect blend for european shooting style, dove hunting. From September – November, during the late winter and springtime months, the hunting takes place around rolling hills and offers fantastic non-stop action combined with wonderful weather and topography.

  • Hunt in the famous Northern Cordoba territory.
  • Non-stop action, Argentina Dove Hunting.
  • 160,000 acres of Argentina’s best dove hunting fields.
  • Great location, and perfect weather.
  • Varied hunting all year round, take your pick!


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