The Lodging

Posta del Norte was added to the FlyWays Collection of lodges in the year 2010. Located only 1:20 from the Cordoba airport, Posta’s main attraction is privacy. Groups of six or more can reserve the entire lodge. This makes Posta perfect for business, family or intimate friend groups. The lodge has eight very comfortable rooms each with a fireplace and private bathroom. The first 6 are in a main area sharing a long hallway. Your group can also use the 2 newly added rooms; one is on a top floor inside the main camp and the other is right outside this area, containing 2 separate rooms within and one ensuite bathroom. The ambience of the lodge is very warm and makes you feel right at home. Posta del Norte was purposely built as a dove hunting lodge, which makes its layout perfect for guests. The rooms are separate from the dining room and living room areas allowing guests to rest and enjoy without interfering with each other. Plus there is a famous and ancient Gaucho bar with a structure that dates back to the late 1800s. This is a truly amazing place to enjoy a cocktails after the day hunt. A heated Jacuzzi was also recently built to help alleviate the shoulder pain from the high volume dove hunts. In 2022 we inaugurated a new pool house with a beautiful stone built fireplace for after hour story telling! Last but not least, Posta del Norte is located strategically alongside route 9, a main artery road that provides rapid access for us to get to any hunting field easily.

  • Location! Location! Location!
  • 8 Bedrooms with 2 double beds and a private bathroom in each
  • Private lodging for groups of 6 or more
  • Purpose built lodge
  • Famous Gaucho Bar
  • Newly built relaxing Jacuzzi an pool house to enjoy after dove hunting

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The Shooting

Posta was built in 1995. The lodge was built in a very strategic position exactly between the two largest dove hunting grounds in the north of Cordoba. Currently Post has access to 160,000 acres of Argentina’s best dove hunting fields. This is why, Posta enjoys a great variety of dove shooting as well as easy  drives to the fields. Due to its location, Posta del Norte is the only Flyways lodge with convenient access to any hunting area in the north of Cordoba.  From November to May, summer months, Posta has access to the western hills and surrounding farms. During the months of June – October, harvesting months, the doves are found mostly on large Cordoba estancias close to Posta del Norte. Most importantly Posta has the ability to pick from the best fields Cordoba has to offer at any time during the year. Our scouts can easily choose fields that provide non-stop action dove hunting with low and slow birds or high difficult shooting. Dove shooting here is as good as it gets!

  • Strategically built between the 2 largest hunting areas in Cordoba
  • Access to 160,000 acres of Argentina’s best dove hunting fields
  • Shooting year-round
  • Ability to pick from best fields in the north of Cordoba
  • Non-stop action guaranteed
  • Great variety of shooting available

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The Service

The guest services at Posta are first rate, especially given the smaller group sizes and more private aspect of the lodge. The incredible service at the lodge is accompanied by a very friendly and relaxed house staff. Our hosts and house staff go out of their way to make sure all details are taken care of at the lodge. The kitchen was completely renovated in 2014 reaching an absolutely high standard. The food is prepared by a chef who trained at Los Chanares for 2 years and the Argentine wines served at the lodge are first rate. Basically clients at Posta del Norte get first class service and non-stop dove shooting, all year round and in a very private setting. It just doesn’t get any better!

  • Private setting
  • Dedicated detail oriented staff
  • Renovated kitchen with excellent chef
  • Superb Argentina wines
  • Cuban cigars available
  • Small groups mean more personalized service

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Why Choose Us

Posta has been positioned in the crowded Cordoba market as the place to go if you have a small group and want a private setting. With a group size of only 6+ people the entire lodge is reserved. The lodge was built with this idea in mind. Beautiful Posta del Norte lodge has a private setting that allows hosting some of the most affluent groups that come hunting in Cordoba. Catering to very high end clients. Everything at Posta has to be perfect; the lodging, the service and the hunts are constantly being improved. Today Posta is proud to attract clients not only because of the private setting, but also because it provides one of the best all-around dove hunting experiences in the world. To that end, Posta del Norte was recognized in 2015 as an Orvis Endorsed lodge.

  • Private lodge reserved with only 6 people
  • Purpose built lodge
  • Focus on lodging, shooting and service
  • Orvis Endorsed lodge
  • One of the best all-around dove hunting experiences in the world

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