Posta del Norte – Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina


Since its opening in 1995, Posta del Norte has been one of the premier dove hunting lodges in Argentina. Perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba, Posta del Norte offers superb shooting year-round. The hunting lodge itself is a client favorite, and over the years, has drawn plenty of critical acclaim from industry insiders. In 2010, Posta del Norte was purchased by outfitter David Perez and it joined Los Chanares and Sierra Brava as a member of the Flyways family of elite Cordoba dove hunting lodges. This catapulted Posta del Norte to even greater heights. As a Flyways destination, the number of Posta del Norte’s Cordoba dove hunting fields have more than doubled and the lodge has been completely renovated to meet the absolute highest standards of excellence. Today, Posta del Norte is better than ever, offering high-volume Argentina dove hunting at its very best, luxury lodging and superior service.


Posta del Norte has always been a client favorite for its amazing dove hunting and its privacy. The lodge can be reserved entirely in private with as few as four clients. There is no additional surcharge for private rooms. This is ideal for families, small groups of friends and corporate outings.


If you’ve visited Posta del Norte before, we look forward to seeing you soon for another spectacular Argentina dove hunt. If you haven’t hunted with us in the past, call or email to learn more about all the things that make Posta del Norte a one-of-a-kind Cordoba dove hunting lodge. Be sure to check out our updated photo gallery highlighting Posta del Norte’s recent enhancements.


• Ideal for Small Private Parties.

• No-limit Shooting Year-Round.

• 5-Star Amenities & Cuisine.

• Recently Renovated.

• Great Introductory Rates.

• Professional Host with over 15 years experience.

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The Best Bird Shooting Action and Fun in Posta Del Norte by FlyWays! from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


POSTA DEL NORTE: fall in love (again) with the Best Bird Shooting in Cordoba from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


Non-stop bird shooting fun in POSTA DEL NORTE (by from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


POSTA DEL NORTE: new institutional 2016 from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


NEW Amazing #POSTADELNORTE Video (December 2014) from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


FlyWays Fire! @DoveHunting in Cordoba with FlyWays – from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


Pretty Women, Pretty Doves! @DoveHunting in Cordoba with #FLYWAYS ( from FlyWays Argentina on Vimeo.


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